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NewsMuseum is Europe’s largest Media and Communication experience.

NewsMuseum invokes and explains the media coverage of episodes in recent history and allows visitors to interact with Radio and TV.

It pays tribute to the journalists immortalized by their work, presents the main protagonists of the industry, projects the evolution of the war coverage, contextualizes the media combats that marked us, and looks at the "bad news" of our time.

It unravels the propaganda and the Public Relations industry.

The equipment is very modern and participatory and integrates a small auditorium prepared for educational visits.

The experience is available in Portuguese and English, personalized in a total of 16 hours of video and other formats.

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Tacofrota is an importer and distributor of several well-known brands of accessories for vehicles intended for the aftermarket, especially analogue and digital tachographs, tachograph charts, taximeters, refrigerators, air conditioning…

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VDMÁQUINAS is a Portuguese company, born in 1992, committed to support and help its customers to become leaders in their businesses.
It has a team of young and experienced professionals.

VDMÁQUINAS represents well-known brands, such as AEG, Ryobi, Milwaukee, Black & Decker, DeWalt, Hitachi, Briggs&Stratton, Honda, EFCO among others.
VDMÁQUINAS repairs, presents and sales equipments for different areas of activity: drills (with or without cord), workbenches, sanders, chainsaws, lawnmowers, generators…
In all areas of DIY, VDMÁQUINAS is able to offer you tailor-made solutions, with a service specialized in Commercialization, Demonstration and Technical Assistance.

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Montiqueijo is a dairy company, whose tradition and knowledge was transmitted from parents to children, thus becoming a prestigious company and a reference in the world of cheese.

With modern facilities in the heart of the saloia region, in Montemuro, Montiqueijo has new infrastructures and sophisticated equipment, with the latest technologies in the sector.

In order to follow its product from the origin and to be able to fully satisfy the customer, Montiqueijo's cheeses are made using milk from the best source, Agroleite.

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ACAL (+)ACAL (-)

Present in the Portuguese market since 1933, ACAL is a company specialized in bottling, labelling and packaging solutions for beverages, namely, wines and derivatives, olive oil and spirits.

ACAL is the exclusive representative of brands as APE, CADALPE, FRANCESCA, GAI and MASELLI MISURE, and it is another successful company working with eticadata software.

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NOREGE – Economics and Management Consultants, was established in 1991 and is now a reference in the north of Portugal, specialized in Management support solutions, with an extensive experience in Accounting, Taxation, Management Control, Financial Management and Investment Projects.

According to António Lopes Fernandes, administrator of NOREGE, the eticadata ERP brought significant improvements in the quality of management information with real-time data acquisition, thus ensuring greater effectiveness and responsiveness.




AGRI-PESCA markets and distributes deep-frozen food products. Founded in 1980, it started as a fish processing company.

Committed with the satisfaction of its customers and the continuous improvement of its services, in 2009, AGRI-PESCA obtained the Certification for the Marketing and Distribution of Deep-Frozen Products, in agreement with NP EN ISO 9001.

In 2010, due to the growth of the company's activity and to address the ever growing requirements of the legislation in force, AGRI-PESCA – Entreposto Frigorifico, Lda. moved into a new warehouse. It stayed in the city of Maia, invested in new facilities, modernized the air conditioning system and the equipments.

In 2012, AGRI-PESCA expanded its scope of action and requested a certification to Cut Deep-Frozen Whole Fish (e.g. Hake, Swordfish, Red Fish, etc.), to make it easier for its customers to cook these products.

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HOTEL VULCÃO | Cabo Verde (+)HOTEL VULCÃO | Cabo Verde (-)

eticadata SUITE in the best 4 star hotel of Santiago's island.

HOTEL Vulcão is the perfect hotel for a relaxing holiday enjoying the beauty and hospitality that the island of Santiago in Cape Verde and its people have to offer.

Set in an amazing landscape, with modern and spacious rooms, the HOTEL Vulcão is considered the best 4 star hotel of Santiago's island.

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FORNOVA-AUTOMÓVEIS is one of the largest car dealer companies in Portugal for semi-new and used cars.

In the market for 20 years, always with the same attitude of seriousness, transparency and honesty, the company was qualified as "PME Líder 2014" by the IAPMEI, for the quality of its performance and risk profile.

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JOM (+)JOM (-)

JOM | Always opens new stores with the eticadata ERP!

With 17 stores in Portugal, whose management is exclusively based on the eticadata ERP, JOM, a 100% Portuguese company, will open two stores in 2015.
In the market for 20 years, the JOM Group, SME Leader of the trade and services sector, has now 17 household goods stores opened.
In 2014, it opened three stores in Coimbra, Viana do Castelo and Évora.

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J.PRIOR has a majority of its customers located in Portugal, but it is now entering international markets.
Founded in 1977, in Vagos, the main activity of J.Prior- Fábrica de Plásticos, Lda.  was the design and production of plastic products for the agriculture.
Now, it's much more than that. It is divided into two well-defined sectors with different goals: the design and production of irrigation systems, sold under the brand name 'marlux', and services of plastic injection for the industry in general.

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