The commercialization of the eticadata solutions is done through a wide network of specialized partners spread throughout Portugal, Mozambique, Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau and Colombia.

The quality of our solutions, coupled with advantageous binomial price/quality, makes more and more computer professionals bet on the distribution of our solutions.

The qualification of our partners is a great advantage that eticadata won over the years.

This qualification process ensures better training of professionals who support the eticadata Software and because of this achievement we can provide our customers training, support and security during and after the implementation of our solutions, which results in reduction of cost of services.


Gold Partner

They are companies specialized in the sale, implementation and support to eticadata solutions, whose business focus is oriented to the market for SMEs and large companies.
It’s the higher status assigned by eticadata software, based on the recognition of the commitment of these partners with the eticadata solutions.
They have technical teams with the skills required by eticadata for the implementation of more complex systems.




Silver Partner

They are companies specialized in the sale, implementation and support to the eticadata solutions, whose activity is focused on the SMEs.


Sales Partner

They are focused on micro and small businesses, working in partnership with the GOLD PARTNER´s.



Solutions Partner

They are partners with specific solutions that integrate with the eticadata ERP, complementing the final solution to present to the user through pre-established rules, to ensure compatibility between the two solutions.


Strategic Partner

Our technological partners are an integral part of our success.
The use of the best industry standards and the establishment of long and stable technological partnerships with some of the best systems and applications providers are the guarantee of that.