ERP eticadata


The ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or SIGE (Business Management Integrated System) is an essential management tool for any company, large or small.

The ERP eticadata solutions were developed with the most modern technological resources and the experience acquired by eticadata over the years.

It's a line of fully integrated solutions, providing absolute control over all operational, fiscal, administrative and financial processes, in compliance with the peculiarities of the business processes of the companies, regardless of their size.

The ERP eticadata is a single application, sold in 3 different versions:

  • The BASIC line for micro-companies. Available only for single-user systems and with limited features.
  • The PREMIUM line ffor companies that need more network stations and more functional modules, adequate for SME's.
  • The EXTENDED line for medium and large companies, including all the features and modules available in the eticadata software that can be personalised and adjusted to the companies' needs.