Autogest | Oficinas


With the widespread use of electronic components in today's vehicles, the survival of an automobile workshop passes through modernization of their equipment. To achieve the success it is necessary that customers have quality services and the management of resources is carried out in order to extract the maximum productivity.

The Autogest workshops is a solution aimed at the management of all areas of the workshop, resources, customers and their vehicles, and contributes to increased employee productivity, better control of inventories and costs and better monitoring of customers.



Car workshops

  • Database of all vehicles of customers;
  • Schedule of repairs with availability control per employee;
  • Budget management of repairs;
  • Control of the reception of vehicles with indication of State and damages in graphic form;
  • Repair/order management work sheets with internal, external services and materials;
  • Repair orders with multiple entities paying (client, insurance company, etc.);
  • Management of requests and returns of material;
  • Delivery and invoicing Repair Orders with generation of warranty and connection to the commercial management Eticadata;
  • Employee monitoring: time, productivity, etc.;
  • Multiple queries and analysis reports;
  • Integration with task collection terminal;