This product aims to be the primary tool for supporting the management of enterprises whose principal activity is the provision of technical assistance and repair of equipment (hardware), and fully integrated with the remaining ERP eticadata. The equipment management, support requests, repair budget, repairs, RMAs, orders, invoicing, activities and knowledge base are the main features of this platform.



Technical assistance companies and/or repair

  • Management of equipment, with all the history of repairs and purchase information and/or sale of equipment, warranties and components.
  • Requests for support/assistance, with the type, subject, gravity, SLA level, etc. checklists and intervention; possibility to automatically generate document security.
  • Budget management; from requests for support, includes materials/parts, internal or external services.
  • Repair order management, with the material supplier, RMA.
  • Delivery and invoicing, with the possibility of allocating a contract, or support the costs internally.
  • Management of databases of knowledge, for consultation of solutions previously used in similar problems.;
  • Integrated with the Commercial module and contracts with the agenda of ERM.