Autogest | Rent-a-Car


Car rentals, by their characteristics and specificities, cause companies to have different management needs from other companies.

In order to meet the needs of these companies, Eticadata, with large experience in the automotive sector, developed the AutoGest rent-a-car.

AutoGest rent-a-car is a software solution for the vehicle control, customer management and renting contracts management, providing managers tools that allow them to take greater profitability of a fleet of vehicles.



Car rental companies

  • Full registration of vehicles;
  • Management of all the car rental process (delivery, procurement, insurance, etc.);
  • Insurers hire with issue of file with detail of contracts;
  • Automatic billing days, extra days, extra miles;
  • Treatment of collateral and advances;
  • Customizable rental Classes with differentiated billing values;
  • PARENT Insurance, CDW, TP;
  • Checklists of car delivery with its automatic billing of missing items;
  • Database of drivers;
  • Issuance of standard contract;
  • Map of occupation of vehicles and several analysis reports;