These days, it is increasingly important to all companies maintain a custom relationship and informed with your customers and suppliers. CRM Eticadata help in this aspect, allowing you to record all contacts with entities with whom a company relates, while still allowing the management of those entities that are not yet customers but which can be, if some effort is made.

Allows the registration of all the contact information of the entities, as well as the various activities that take place with all contacts, and also the scheduling of these activities to a team or to individual users.

In pre-sales, allows you to manage the entire process from the potential customer tracking, to the opportunity management with the sales pipeline.



All commercial organizations

  • Contacts (customers, suppliers or loose)
  • Schedule (per user or Department) of activities that, in addition to the specific activities of the module, allows integrating the activities of markings of workshops and after-sales support.
  • Activities (phone call, letter, email, fax, etc.)
  • Potential customers (opportunities), with management of the various process States, defined by the company (contacted, in evaluation, pending budget, etc.)