Accounting is the control that the company has on its economic, financial and patrimonial, so a great importance to the management of the business.

The result of years of experience and learning with professionals, Eticadata is the accounting solution to keep the company's accounts under control, facilitate decision-making and ensure compliance with tax obligations.

Designed with an ergonomic, intuitive and simple interface, designed to minimize the time of operation thereby increasing productivity.

Maps and plans of management fully configurable, alternative charts of accounts and multi-currency and multi-language simultaneous accounting in multiple currencies, ensure adaptability to various types of business and economic realities, including hiper-inflacionary economies.




Finance Department of any company | Accounting offices

  • Introduction optimized for use of keyboard input;
  • Quick searches (descriptive, accounts, etc.), classification of movements and automatic postings for faster introduction of data;
  • General Accounting, budget and analytical;
  • Treatment of cash flows and cost centers;
  • Reconciliation of movements;
  • Automatic importations (results, existences);
  • Issuing all legal and tax maps;
  • Account plans, exercise plans alternative accounts and fiscal year different from the calendar year;
  • Maps of configurable management with possibility of analyses of several companies simultaneously;
  • Simultaneous accounting in multiple currencies;
  • Queries, extracts and viewable maps to current Exchange or history;