Commercial Management


Against a backdrop of increasing competitiveness, companies are increasingly faced with the need for management tools that enable them to diagnose the critical factors of business.

Eticadata’s Commercial management is a management tool that allows you to control the entire sales department quickly and easily. With this tool, the aims to reduce costs and maximize revenue are easier to achieve.

Adaptability and the respect for the specificities of the various markets, allow you to meet the challenges of globalization and internationalization.



All commercial organizations

  • Documents completely parameterized (settings, printing, sending email, etc.)
  • Multi-currency;
  • Adapted to various specific business management (lots, serial numbers, issues, articles on consignment, references, grids of colors and sizes, etc.);
  • Traceability of lots, serial numbers and editions;
  • Alternative items, Associated Articles and additional barcodes;
  • Treatment of units and measurements conversion factors between them;
  • Complete record of alternative directions management entities (e.g. customer data, photo, contact table, conditions of sale, etc.);
  • Promotions management and conditions of sale;
  • Full integration of digital documents (Ex: electronic invoice);
  • All documents integrate with eticadata accounting;
  • Several analysis reports, summary tables and queries;



  • Management of budgets with State control and validity;
  • Treatment of reservations to stock, warehouse or supplier order;
  • Suggestion/automatic generation of multi-criteria suppliers orders;
  • Automatic satisfaction of customer orders;


  • Automatic process of integration from orders; Orders module
  • Conversion of documents;
  • Introduction of charges and the allocation of the cost of the articles;
  • Automatic update of prices, at the time of purchase;


  • Multi-managed warehouse stocks by location;
  • Permanent or intermittent inventory system and costing method outputs by medium cost, LIFO or FIFO;
  • Introduction of stock movements fully configurable (inventories, inputs, outputs, waste, etc.);
  • Production management with work sheets;


  • Automatic process of integration from orders; Orders module
  • Treatment of advances;
  • Conversion of documents;
  • Management of Covenants;
  • Calculation of Rappel;


  • Management of current accounts of customers, suppliers, etc.;
  • Single window for introduction of settlements (actual Receipts or Payments/deferred, advances, etc.);
  • Bank transfers with PS2 file generation;
  • Management of various means of payment (issuing and processing of checks, letters, etc.);
  • Advanced management of commissions;
  • Concept of strong currency: possibility to correct the documents according to the currency devaluation in the face of a reference currency;


  • Treasury estimates and real with hierarchical structure of headings;
  • Cash accounting and banks (order, deadline, guaranteed);
  • Deposits, withdrawals and transfers between accounts;
  • Bank reconciliation;


  • Management of contracts to customers; for management of covenants, contracts for the provision of regular services, consumption, etc.