In an increasingly demanding market, it is important that the management of projects is rigorous, starting with the budget, but not neglecting the monitoring of the implementation of the project and its comparison between the budget and what, in fact, was made.

Done thinking of construction, but not only, this product is designed for companies wishing to develop complex budgets, in order to determine the costs and benefits inherent in the execution of a given project, and assess the viability of these projects.

Also, allows monitoring the implementation of projects, facilitating the allocation and management of resources, and proactively assessing the implementation, denouncing the deviations.



Construction companies | Event management companies | Generally, for organisms that have to manage complex projects

  • Contests
  • Budgets; definition of tasks in a document; import from Excel, with profiles. Definition of costs and resources via income sheet; assigning resulting values of formulas, variables and descriptive texts.
  • Management and control of execution; Records of measurement and identification of work carried out, extra work and unfinished work.
  • Cost management; Allocation and control of resources by task.