The success of any organization is highly dependent on good management of human resources.

Nowadays, human resource management is becoming increasingly complex due to numerous factors to be taken into account. Registration and control of employees, contracts, processing and payment of wages, accounting, legal and tax obligations are just a few examples of tasks that human resources professionals or administrators have to make. So for a good human resources management is required. Applications capable of managing all the elements related to the employees and provide indicators to assist in administration.

Simple to use, adapted to various markets and prepared to fulfill all legal requirements, human resources Eticadata is the solution to manage the employees of any organization.




Any company with employees | Accounting offices

  • Full registration of employees;
  • Full event registration (Absences, overtime, vacation, wages, contracts, etc.);
  • Automatic processing of wages taking into account expiration, food allowance, fixed or variable allowances, absences, discounts, etc.;
  • Complete management of the employment contract;
  • Registration and scheduling appointments and medical examinations;
  • Rotating shifts management;;
  • Possibility to carry out, at one time, General changes (e.g. Increase the salary of all employees of the production department in 2%);
  • Calculation of salary from gross or net worth;
  • Issuance of all mandatory maps;
  • Maps and query to support management;
  • Automatic notices of dates related to employees and legal maps;
  • Automation of accounting;