Fixed assets, in most companies, have a monetary relevant value whose control is of high importance.

Since the purchase until disposal or sale, the assets involving a series of administrative and legal procedures which, by its volume, is time consuming work.

Eticadata’s fixed asset module is a software solution for inventory management and control of fixed assets, depreciation calculation, accounting and tax maps emission, etc.

With tight integration with other modules and simple to use, this solution allows effective reduction of time and effort in carrying out tasks involving this type of assets.



Financial/Accounting Department of any company | Accounting offices

  • Full registration of goods (acquisition, location, life, photos, etc.)
  • Asset control: activity log and location;
  • Distribution by cost centers;
  • Financial plans;
  • Registration of acquisition;
  • Maintenance/repair of the goods;
  • Methods of amortization/depreciation by straight-line, digressive quotas and sum of digits;
  • Intensive Regime, depreciation, and amortization of duodecimal system elements of reduced value;
  • Annual processing or duodecimal;
  • Simulation and processing of accountant and legal revaluations according to various criteria;
  • Treatment of tax adjustments (lost, quotas, subsidies, fiscal accepted limits etc.);
  • Slaughter/disposal of assets;
  • Issuance of all cool maps;
  • Various analysis reports;
  • Issuance of tags of the goods;
  • Automation of accounting;