POS | Retail Trade


The retail trade is currently one of the most dynamic and also one of the most difficult to manage.

The continuous evolution/change of trends and consumer behavior and growing competition, means that retailers have tools that allow them to maximize your operational efficiency and decrease the time to market.

The POS Eticadata is our proposal for this type of market and is designed using the latest technologies of programming and data base ensuring the reliability and integrity of the information.

A simple and intuitive interface combined with the possibility of setting the entire interface minimizes the time and effort of operations leading to an increase in productivity and sales dynamics.

Functionality specific to certain sectors and flexibility of settings, make the POS Eticadata perfect for virtually any industry regardless of their size.


  • Supermarkets | Clothing stores | Shoe Shops | Bookstores | Kiosks and tobacconists | Butchers | Laundries | Computer shops and electronic equipment | Direct selling establishments to the general public
  • Simple, intuitive and ergonomic Interface;
  • Fully configurable sales screen: possibility of "draw" selling screens as the activity of the enterprise;
  • Sales, orders, Returns, samples, warehouse Transfers, etc.;
  • Multiple forms of payment: cash, cheques postdated, partial payments, etc.;
  • Management of current accounts of customers;
  • Management of client cards and loyalty programs;
  • Promotions management with happy hours;
  • Adapted to various specific business management (lots, serial numbers, service Sheets, editions, articles on consignment, references, grids of colors and sizes, etc.);
  • Alternative items, Associated Articles and additional barcodes;
  • Integrated with all modules for commercial management (purchases, stocks, Treasury, etc.) and accounting;
  • Fault tolerance system network;
  • Control over user permissions and registration of activities;
  • Several maps and queries for management support;