Suite is the hotel management module of eticadata.

The management of a hotel unit requires the rapid query of diverse and complex information. Since the reservations, the availability and state, the price lists that can vary by season or with any local event, up to the data contracts of allotments with travel agencies and tour operators. All this information is at your fingertips in a few clicks in the Suite.

Integration with other products of eticadata, in particular with the POS and POS Gourmet, and with Commercial and accounting management is one of the strengths of our solution.

With an interface available in your browser, allows you to quickly and efficiently manage your hotel unit, regardless of their size.



Hotels | Bed And Breakfast | Hostels | Campsites


  • Management of accommodation and services, organized hierarchically by blocks, floors, etc.
  • Reserve management, individual or in groups, with detailed view of availability of accommodation by type and period, discrimination of States
  • (busy, out of service, allotment, overbooking, waiting list, etc.); planning of reserves;
  • Price lists – Rack and derived tables for percentage values; tables for periods, events, etc.; prices for contracts
  • Cardex of entities
  • Contracts of allotments, with different prices
  • Night-Audit, with automatic printing of maps, including new maps.
  • Invoicing and check-out